Ovulation Tracking

Ovulation tracking refers to the medical tracking of ovulation in an effort to time intercourse to achieve a pregnancy. Patients often attempt to time ovulation themselves using a variety of methods, including calculating dates (wheels, website and phone apps), measuring basal body temperatures and even testing their urine for LH surges. These approaches are only fairly accurate and if in any doubt ovulation tracking would be the best most accurate approach.


I provide this service through Monash IVF Bondi Junction as do other Monash clinics. Basically you contact the clinic in or about day 1 of your menstrual cycle once you have been referred to the clinic. They will arrange when to start the monitoring, which is usually about day 8-9 of your cycle. A blood test and sometimes an ultrasound will be performed and the clinic staff will advise once an LH hormone surge is noted, on the best time to try to conceive. This process is great for relieving the stress of trying to work it out on your own, If 3 cycles are not successful, I suggest you make an appointment to see me.