When IVF Fails

Some patients may go through a number of unsuccessful IVF cycles and are at a crossroads – unsure of what to do next and desperate to find answers.

Unsuccessful outcomes, including failed egg collection, multiple negative pregnancy tests and recurrent miscarriage can be caused by multiple factors. A review of your fertility investigations and failed treatments by an experienced specialist can often help by recommending a modified Fertility Treatment Plan to help achieve an ongoing pregnancy.

Sydney Fertility’s Second Opinion Service has been set up to help patients who have experienced at least 2 failed IVF attempts, or for any other fertility concerns.

My commitment to you:

  • I will review all your previous investigations and treatments before the consultation, so that we can begin to plan future treatments from the first consultation. We will let you know if we require any additional information prior to the consultation.
  • I understand that you do not want to start from scratch again and so I will endeavour to utilise your previous investigations as far as possible.
  • I will provide you with realistic goals and expectations about live births and not just pregnancy rates.
  • For patients who do not live in Sydney or are unable to access our rooms, I can arrange a Skype consultation.
  • You will need a valid referral letter from your GP.
  • I will explain the latest developments including implantation success, endometriosis, chronic endometritis, thyroid dysfunction and freeze-all protocols, to name a few.
  • Together, we will agree on a treatment plan that will maximise your chances of having a baby.

Contacting Sydney Fertility for a Second Opinion

  • How it works
    • In order to assist you, you will need you to provide us with the following:
      • Detailed completion of the appropriate female and/or partner history forms
      • Report of tests performed on both you and your partner, including blood, ultrasound, X Rays, MRI, surgery, IVF laboratory summaries and semen analyses.
    • I will evaluate all this before we book your consultation and my staff will contact you if we need more information
    • Only then will my staff contact you to make an appointment
    • For patients who do not live in Sydney or are unable to access our rooms a Skype consultation can be arranged
  • Contact Sydney Fertility for a Fertility Second Opinion on 02-93861315 during office hours or Make an Online Appointment.